Per Lesson Fee:

​30 minutes: $30/$35* (5th and 6th grade only)

45 minutes: $45/$52* (7th and 8th grade)

60 minutes: $60/$70* (high school and adult)

*The higher price is for Single Lessons Only.

I offer three ways to purchase lessons:

  1. Automatic draft per semester: I take the total number of lessons for each semester and evenly divide the cost over the course of the number of months in that semester. This option requires that you commit to the entire semester of lessons.  

  2. Monthly Payment: You are able to purchase one month of lessons at the beginning of the month. The cost will vary depending upon things like holiday breaks and number of weeks in the month.

  3. Single Lessons: This option is geared more for students who are looking for a one off coaching with me. You'll notice the price is higher than options 1 and 2, but for those of you who aren't able to commit weekly lessons this should work well. 

If you would prefer to purchase lessons with cash, please contact me HERE and we will work that out case by case. 




If your child will miss their weekly lesson, please notify me within 24 hours of their scheduled lesson time. Lessons missed without prior notification will not be made up and will result in the loss of that week's tuition.


  • If your child becomes ill the day of his/her lesson, you may notify me before the lesson time.

Make up lessons/ Credit: Any lessons cancelled with 24 hours notice can be:

  • made up within two weeks (limit 2 per semester)

  • credited to next months tuition

If I need to re-schedule or cancel your child's lesson I will let you know 24 hours in advance by phone or email.