Having taught flutists ranging in ability from beginner through conservatory level, I am uniquely positioned to meet your student where they are at in their studies. In addition to teaching music, I believe in equiping our youth to be successful in all areas of their lives. The study of a musical instrument builds skills such as critical thinking, resiliency, perseverence and creativity. I see my work as providing a solid foundation upon which each student can use to fulfill their dreams, musical or otherwise, in the future.


Growth Mindset

The private study of music helps students create a growth mindset where the focus lies in their effort (practice) rather than the outcome (audition result).


While holding students to a high standard of personal excellence, I frame my instruction to affirm and bolster the confidence of each student.

Goal Setting

I work with each student to set measurable goals so that their personal work in the practice room is efficient and impactful.  Student led goals also allow for a strong personal connection and commitment to the work.


In addition to the use of metronomes and tuners, I will utilize audio recording to teach students to critique their own playing.  This method empowers students to improve at an accelerated rate and builds their listening abilities.

Listening Assignments

Each week my students are given listening assignments of great musicians and pieces of music.  Exposure to these artists and works give them a pool of sounds and ideas from which to draw out their own inspiration.

Body Awareness

I will focus on posture, breathing, stretching and relaxation as simple yet incredibly powerful ways to immediately improve a student’s playing.